NETZKINO celebrates record: More than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube

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Thursday, April 20, 2017

NETZKINO celebrates record: More than 500,000 subscribers on YouTube
The world’s largest movie channel on YouTube with over 150 million film views continues its growth course

Netzkino breaks another benchmark: With more than half a million subscribers, the free-of-charge streaming service is by far the world’s largest and most popular movie channel on YouTube. Each day, more than 500 new users subscribe to Netzkino’s YouTube channel.

„We have realised the role YouTube plays for the video market at an early stage and achieve more than 15 million film views on YouTube each month,“ said Netzkino’s managing director Hauk Markus. „We are very happy that our work and effort is being valued by the subscribers and celebrate the 500,000 mark as a magnificent step for our recognition and growth.“

With a total of over 6,000 movies and 150 million views on YouTube, Netzkino consistently dominates the movie market for advertising-funded video-on-demand (advertised video-on-demand, AVOD). Many of the Netzkino movies achieve views on YouTube in the high six-digit range. A highlight is the family comedy 16 Wishes with over 2.6 million film views and an average playback time of almost 20 minutes – a top figure for YouTube videos.

Netzkino launched the YouTube channel in April 2010 und provides new titles from all genres such as action, thriller, horror, anime or drama each day. In the Starkino section, the VOD service offers movies with famous Hollywood stars such as, for example, the thriller Hostage with Bruce Willis, the drama U-Turn with Sean Penn or the comedy Dick with Kirsten Dunst and Michelle Williams.

The full Netzkino line-up is also available on the website and on the free-of-charge Netzkino app for Android, iOS, Windows and Amazon as well as on all major smart TV sets. Users don’t have to sign up for a fee-based subscription for the advertising-supported movie service and also don’t have to register.

About Netzkino:

Netzkino is the leading free-of-charge streaming provider focusing on movies (AVOD, advertised VOD). With technologically advanced apps available for nearly all types of devices and 1.5 million app downloads (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and FirePhone) as well as more than 15 million movie views per month, Netzkino provides an attractive reach to the advertising industry. Through its in-house developed technological infrastructure enabling Netzkino to integrate any advertising partner, the provider offers ideal advertising opportunities and thereby constitutes a modern, innovative form of free-to-air television. With more than 500,000 subscribers, Netzkino’s YouTube channel is world’s most well-known and largest movie channel on YouTube.

Contact person for press enquiries:
Stefan Baldauf
Tel. +49-30-9599-915-32

Note for the press & Downloads:

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Screenshots and more pictures can be downloaded from the press section on the Netzkino website at Download PDF: Netzkino_Pressemitteilung_YouTube_20170419 EN!

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