Netzkino launches new movie app for iOS

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Netzkino launches new movie app for iOS

The brand new Netzkino app offers various extensions for even more movie enjoyment and is available free of charge from the iTunes Store from now on.

500,000 times has the Netzkino iOS app been downloaded so far and the success story continues. An updated app version with many new features and an innovative design has now been released in the store. The advertising-funded movie service (advertised video-on-demand) from Netzkino ( offers the new iOS app for the iPhone, the iPad and the iPod touch for download free of charge.

Following the successful relaunch of the Android app in autumn 2016, Netzkino is now deploying the new iOS app. With the current version, each Netzkino user can exclusively register at „Mein Netzkino“ (My Netzkino) and use features such as continuing to watch films at a later stage, mark films on a watch list and watch films without an internet connection through the offline function.

Netzkino offers more than 2,000 movies for the German-language market (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) free of charge and in full length. With the free registration, new additional features are activated, but the service can still also be used without registration.

Netzkino’s streaming service is accessible on the website, as an app for Apple and AppleTV, Amazon FireTV and FireTV stick, Xbox One, Windows Phone, Windows 8 and 10 as well as on many smart TV sets and some set-top-boxes like the box from Entertain TV. These apps will soon be updated to add the new features including registration.

Like free-to-air television, Netzkino finances itself through commercials. Each movie is preceded by up to 3 commercials, so called pre-rolls. During the film, there are further 5 commercials in a block (mid-rolls) after which the movie service remains commercial-free for the user.

The free film app offered by Netzkino for iOS is available for download from the Apple iTunes Store in the entertainment section. Besides the new content elements, the new app has a more appealing design, is technically more mature and faster than the preceding versions. Download it for free here: Netzkino iOS app on iTunes.


About Netzkino:
Netzkino is the leading free-of-charge streaming provider focusing on movies (AVOD, advertised VOD). With technologically advanced apps available for nearly all types of devices and 1.5 million app downloads (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and FirePhone) as well as more than 15 million movie views per month, Netzkino provides an attractive reach to the advertising industry. Through its in-house developed technological infrastructure enabling Netzkino to integrate any advertising partner, the provider offers ideal advertising opportunities and thereby constitutes a modern, innovative form of free-to-air television. With almost 500,000 subscribers, Netzkino’s YouTube channel is world’s most well-known and largest movie channel on YouTube.

Contact person for press enquiries:
Stefan Baldauf
Tel. +49-30-616559-24

Note for the press & Downloads:

iPhone1 iPhone2 iPhone3

iPad1 iPad2

Screenshots and more pictures can be downloaded from the press section on the Netzkino website at Download PDF: Netzkino_Pressemitteilung_iOS-App_20170406_EN

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