NETZKINO shows movies on Facebook


Thursday, March 02, 2017

NETZKINO shows movies on Facebook

It recently made headlines: Facebook, the largest social network, wants to overturn YouTube and introduce its own video app for TV sets on the market. It will be available on streaming boxes such as Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV and on Samsung’s devices. Mark Zuckerberg has always clearly stated: Facebook is to become THE central hub for videos, video was a huge trend. According to Zuckerberg, Facebook provides the strongest personalisation and, in contrast to streaming services like Netflix, also offers a social component. For many people, Facebook was already the preferred interface for media content and information on the internet, he said.

The largest German streaming service for free-of-charge movies and operator of the world’s largest YouTube channel for movies ( has understood this and has commenced offering one full-length movie for free on Facebook each day ( from now on. The aim is to develop the largest online movie store on Facebook. Netzkino is already available with more than 2,000 movies on almost all devices and services via app or website and on YouTube with more than 6,000 contents.

In contrast to YouTube, Facebook still has to come up with effective monetisation opportunities, for example through commercials (pre-rolls and mid-rolls). However, Hauk Markus, managing director of Netzkino, is certain „that Facebook will take comparable steps and become an attractive new monetisation platform for movies.“

This week, Netzkino has already published the movie Project-M by Eric Piccoli, starring Jean-Nicolas Verreault and Julie Perreault. In this visually stunning science-fiction film, a group of astronauts simulates a flight to Jupiter moon Europe and makes a sensational discovery. Daily, Netzkino will publish the “movie of the day” at Facebook.


About Netzkino:
Netzkino is the leading free-of-charge streaming provider focusing on movies (AVOD, advertised VOD). With technologically advanced apps available for nearly all types of devices and 1.5 million app downloads (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and FirePhone) as well as more than 15 million movie views per month, Netzkino achieves an attractive reach for the advertising industry. Through its in-house developed technological infrastructure enabling Netzkino to integrate any advertising partner, the provider offers ideal advertising opportunities and thereby constitutes a modern, innovative form of free-to-air TV. With almost 500,000 subscribers, Netzkino’s YouTube channel is the most well-known and largest movie channel on the platform.

Contact person for press enquiries:
Stefan Baldauf
Tel.: 030-616559-24

Netzkino Services GmbH, Geschäftsführer: Hauk Markus, HRB 136977, Gradestr. 60, 12347 Berlin Tel: 30 / 616559 -0, Fax: -99,,


Note for the press & Downloads:

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Screenshots and more pictures can be downloaded from the press section on the Netzkino website at Download PDF: Netzkino_Pressemitteilung_Facebook_20170302_EN.pdf

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