Netzkino launches app on Xbox One


Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Netzkino launches app on Xbox One
New Xbox One streaming app for free movies available on App Store


Netzkino ( is the German streaming provider for free-of-charge movies. As an ad-supported service (AVOD), the online video store offers 2,500 films for the German-language market. From today, this service is also accessible on the Xbox One and Xbox One S.

The Netzkino app can be used on the Xbox One at no charge without registration or subscription fee. The movies are thematically bundled across 12 cinema channels. The thriller genre for example contains more than 7000 films including titles such War Inc. with John Cusack as well as more current productions from 2013 such as Open Grave with Thomas Kretschmann. The movie line-up is regularly updated.

The free-of-charge movie app offered by Netzkino for the Xbox One can be found on the Xbox One Store in the entertainment section. It is based on redevelopments of the Netzkino smart TV apps ported to the Xbox. New functions like the Persocheck which enables an on-demand experience of movies suitable only for people above 16 or 18 years of age (FSK 16/FSK 18) before the regular threshold of 22.00 CET or 23.00 CET respectively and a larger movie choice thematically assorted on the starting page are two key elements of the newly developed Netzkino app. It has also become much faster than previous apps and has visually been completely redesigned.

Netzkino’s movie service is financed by advertisements. Before each movie starts, up to three commercials of around 20 seconds each are shown, so called pre-rolls. During the film, the ad-supported streaming service (AVOD) additionally shows up to five so called mid-rolls.


About Netzkino:
Netzkino is the leading German free-of-charge streaming provider focusing on movies (AVOD, advertised VOD). With technologically advanced apps available for nearly all types of devices and 1 million app downloads (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Fire Phone) as well as more than 10 million movie views per month, Netzkino achieves an attractive reach for the advertising industry. Through its in-house developed technological infrastructure enabling Netzkino to integrate any advertising partner, the provider offers ideal advertising sales opportunities and thereby constitutes a modern, innovative form of free-to-air TV. With more than 400,000 subscribers, Netzkino’s YouTube channel is the most well-known and by far largest German movie portal on the platform.


Note for the press:
Screenshots and this press release can be downloaded from the press section on the Netzkino website at