New NETZKINO App on EntertainTV

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Thursday, 8th of September 2016

New NETZKINO App on EntertainTV
2.500 Films Available for Free Via the New TV-Offer of Telekom


Berlin-based streaming service Netzkino Services GmbH ( offers free of charge ad-funded feature films for all German speaking countries. As of now, users can stream Netzkino’s entire portfolio via Telekom’s new TV-Platform called EntertainTV. Over 2,500 films of all genres are accessible in full length without signup or payment.

Previously, Netzkino had released a number of weekly film highlights on earlier versions of Entertain, both Media Receiver 300 und 303. Now, the new app grants access to Netzkino’s entire film portfolio.
Moving on from other functionalities, the new app, based on Media Receiver 400 technology, offers numerous extras and novelties. Extensive work has been done on user experience and content design. For users, the first treat upon opening the app are large format film images. The home screen features what’s new and the tab „Kino“ leads to movies of many genres. Overall, the feel and usability is more mature and easy to handle than the old app. Netzkino’s App can be found under „TV-Apps“.

Netzkino is an ad-funded film service. That means, each film is preceded by a maximum of three advertisements. Ten minutes into the film there’s one more block of five ads. And that’s it, no more ads after minute ten.
Netzkino sees this launch of their app on Entertain as another milestone to bring their free of charge service to a growing „on demand“ audience. The portfolio comprises films with renowned stars, such as the thriller „Cleaner“, starring Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes and Ed Harris, as well as award-winning Arthouse titles, such as „Happiness“, starring Philip Seymour Hoffman. To date, films for an audience above the age of 16/18 are available after 10/11pm. In order to offer all films at all times, an age-related ID check will be installed in the near future.


About us:
Netzkino is the leading streaming service for free-of-charge feature films (AVoD, Advertised VoD). We pride ourselves on well developed apps on all major end devices (iOS, Android, Windows Phone and FirePhone), on which we count a million app downloads as well as more than 10 million films streamed per month. By developing our own tech infrastructure, we can taylor for any ad client. That means, Netzkino is an innovative Free-TV, providing optimized advertisement and marketing opportunities. Counting more than 400.000 subscribers, Netzkino’s Youtube Channel is the largest and widest-known German movie channel on the web.


For your convenience:
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